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Shawna McDonald, Loan Officer, for 13 Years has Specialized Exclusively in Reverse Mortgage Loans and was Nationally Recognized in 2012 as the #1 Producing Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer in the Entire United States. In That Year Alone She Successfully Completed 98 Reverse Mortgage Loans.

8 years ago Shawna Opened an Office in Downtown Grass Valley, Sierra Foothills Reverse Mortgage, she is Authorized with 10 Nationwide Reverse Mortgage Lenders, (even the ones on TV), giving you 1 Stop Local Comparison Rate and Free Shopping, you’ll also Receive Plenty of TLC !

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Six Secrets of a Reverse Mortgage

   Secret # 1

You MAY make payments on a reverse mortgage if YOU choose to do so.

Feel a bit “guilty” about doing a reverse mortgage and never being required to make another monthly mortgage payment again? We will indeed pay off your existing mortgage balance, thereby relieving you of budget busting required monthly mortgage payments. HOWEVER, you CAN make a monthly payment, or make a payment at any interval YOU choose, of any amount YOU choose, for no fee or penalty . This slows down the increase of the reverse mortgage balance, thereby increasing the likelihood of equity being left for your heirs. This flexibility has allowed many of my clients to go forward with their revere mortgage because they felt less “guilty” about not making any mortgage payments.

Here is an Actual Example of this WIN - WIN Solution:

Ed and Nancy were strained with a $1500 a month mortgage payment and yet dearly loved their home and did not want to sell and move into a smaller home or apartment. Dan wanted to complete a reverse mortgage to free up money from their monthly budget to enjoy retirement more with some travel plans he had long dreamed of. Lucy wanted that too but also felt “guilty” about not making any monthly mortgage payments. With lots of discussion between us about the revelation that they COULD make monthly mortgage payments, they decided to move forward with on the reverse mortgage, we paid off their existing loan balance, and they now make an $700 a month payment on the principal of their reverse mortgage. Their monthly budget, post reverse mortgage, therefore had an $800 per month liquidity boost.   To read more click here...

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Shawna McDonald’s, Reverse Mortgage Loan Officer’s Expertise

After beginning her career in reverse mortgage lending in 2018, with just 4 years of experience, in 2012 Shawna was awarded the “Scotsman Guide” designation as the #1 producing reverse mortgage loan officer in the United States; in that year alone she completed 98 reverse mortgage loans, no one else in the nation helped more seniors complete reverse mortgages than she did in 2012.

Following that accomplishment, in 2013 she established a reverse mortgage loan branch in downtown Grass Valley, California: Sierra Foothills Reverse Mortgage California dedicated to serving Grass Valley, Nevada City and Penn Valley residents for their reverse mortgage loan needs: 8 years since being established, Sierra Foothills Reverse Mortgage, remains Nevada County’s only local specialty office dedicated solely to reverse mortgage loans.

As of 2022, with now 14 years of reverse mortgage lending experience, Shawna is still going strong continuing to exclusively work with seniors with the reverse mortgage loan product and now represents 11 of the largest reverse mortgage companies in the in the nation, insuring her clients receive great rates and service, with her expertise guiding clients in a caring loan experience.

What does Shawna think is the most prominent change in the reverse mortgage industry in the last 14 years? "In the last 5 years I’ve seen a marked increase of financial planners and estate planning attorneys who believe in the reverse mortgage loan product as a way to ease their clients retirement and desire to age in place in their home with the funds to do so provided by a reverse mortgage loan."

Loans may be completed with Shawna in person from her Grass Valley office, or over the phone by mail and internet, depending on the status of current health mandates.

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Shawna's Office Location:

412 E. Main Street, Suite N

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Serving happy clients in Grass Valley, Nevada City & Auburn areas California.

Read about the area's history here:

The California Gold Rush...Eureka Gold is discovered! It's 1855, people came from Ireland, England, Germany, China, Chile and all around the world. The rich underground mines of Grass Valley made it the richest mining community in California. Even during the Depression of the 1930s, Grass Valley thrived because of its mining-based economy.

Non Profit Organizations Shawna Supports:

Supporter of Meals on Wheels for homebound Seniors

The Sierra Foothills Audubon Society

Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills

Bear Yuba Land Trust

In 2012 Shawna was awarded the “Scottsman Guide” designation as the # 1 reverse mortgage loan officer in the nation

**Scottsman Guide Annual Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator Ranking