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The Reverse Mortgage
The Reverse Mortgage Credit Line Opens Doors

One of the Most Overlooked Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Credit Line:

Unlike traditional home equity lines of credit which require a monthly payment and can be closed or reduced at a bank’s discretion, a RM credit line cannot be reduced or closed as long as property taxes and insurance, any homeowner’s dues and reasonable maintenance are paid, then this loan stays with the borrower for life as long as the home remains the borrower's principle residence.

Even better, unlike any other loan type the unused credit line borrowing ability increases each month based on the combination of interest rate and ongoing FHA insurance rate. There are sample scenario charts available for me to create a personalized loan reverse model just for you based on your age, home value and the current interest rate.

Who Can Benefit from a Reverse Mortgage Credit line?

Many homeowners set up the credit line for use by the surviving spouse to offset loss of income, to help pay rising fire insurance costs and to pay of property taxes and home maintenance.

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage Credit Line

No Use, No Charge: You are only accumulating interest on the funds as they are used. Any unused portion of the credit line does not incur an interest charge Strategic Withdrawals: Financial planners have outlined strategies where retirees may choose to use part of their line of credit rather than take income from investment accounts so these accounts may continue to grow undisturbed

The Reverse Mortgage Credit Line is a Safety Net: There When You Need it:

Flexible Usage: The Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit is available for regular monthly income or when an emergency arises

Credit line funds: Are not considered as taxable income.

Home Ownership: The lender does NOT own your home, with all HUD supervised/FHA insured reverse mortgage loans; the borrower remains the owner of the home.

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